How to Sell

Luxetrader is a classified advertising service featuring exclusively luxury items. If you have a plane, exotic or luxury car, yacht, jewelry or real estate you want to sell, post it and your listing will be viewed by prospective buyers who are looking specifically for luxury items.

Your privacy and time will be respected by Luxetrader. All of your contact information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed in your posting or to anyone interested in purchasing your items. If someone is interested in learning more about the item you have listed for sale, they will have to resister and their information will be provided to you via email. It is then up to you whether you want to contact them or not.

In order to preserve exclusivity and ensure the listings are tailored to the audience, there are listing criteria for each category on Luxetrader. For a more comprehensive table of our criteria, please see the table below.

Category Minimum Value
Aircraft $1,000,000
Exotic Cars $75,000
Yachts $1,000,000
Watches/Jewelry $5,000
Estates $5,000,000
Artwork $50,000

If you feel you have an item that does not meet the above listing criteria, but is still worthy of being included in Luxetrader, please create your listing and separately contact us with your listing number and a reason for inclusion so that we can properly consider it.

To create a listing, simply click on the icon below to begin. You will then be asked to select the category in which your listing will appear, provide a headline which should contain a short description of the item you are selling (ie: “2012 Ferrari California Red with Tan Leather”), the location of the item and the asking price. You will then create your listing, describing your item or property in as many details as you like. Be sure not to include any personal contact information or details within the body of your listing. You will then have the opportunity to upload as many as 6 photos of your property.

All submissions are moderated and will be reviewed prior to being published. Luxetrader reserves the right to not publish any submission in our own discretion. Ads will particularly be screened for objectionable content and to ensure the listing meets the criteria listed above.

There is no cost to post listings or to receive inquiries from a buyer interested in your item or property. All financial transactions will be negotiated directly between yourself and the buyer.


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