About Luxetrader

Luxetrader is a classified advertising service. We do not buy, sell, resell or broker any personal property. Aside from the fee we receive from advertisers whose advertisements appear on our site, we do not collect any other fees or commissions from the sale of property, nor do we provide any services relating to the transfer of your property. Our role is merely as an online marketplace for owners and purchasers to connect and negotiate the sale of luxury goods and properties.

Luxetrader does not represent either the buyer or the seller in any transaction, nor do we act as an intermediary in any transaction. All negotiations between buyer and seller will take place directly and we will not be held legally responsible for any dispute arising between the buyer and seller.

Luxetrader is not an appraisal company and we make no representation as to the actual value of any items listed on our site. The listing prices are set by the seller and may or may not reflect the true market price of their property. Luxetrader is further not responsible for the truthfulness or accuracy of anything contained in a listing. Prior to entering into any transaction you should independently verify that the seller has the full right to sell their item or property to you and the buyer has the ability to buy your property.


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